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Leaf Removal Services

Leaves are something that you may love or hate. Of course in the fall season, playing in the leaves can be a great time, especially if you have kids. But we all know that there’s one thing that we all don’t like when it comes to leaves and that’s getting rid of them. Leaf removal is one service that Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping specializes in and takes pride in doing, knowing that we’re making your life a little bit easier. We have the proper tools for raking, collecting and disposing of the leaves , so it will look like you never had them in the first place!

Our team of landscape professionals are no strangers to physically demanding work, and for that reason it’s best to have the professionals handle the job. We will make sure that when we come out to your property that we speak to you about the job and make sure that we are both on the same page as to what needs to be done to ensure a smooth and painless job. Whether you want to be involved in the project or just take a hands-off approach and let us handle the dirty work; we will make sure it gets done the right way the first time.

Leaf Removal services:

  • Leaves taken off property or blown in the woods.
  • Curb side pick-up


So when it comes to removing all of those leafs that have fallen over the fall season and cleaning up the yard, leave it to the pros at Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping. We know landscaping and lawn care better than anyone and our experience speaks for itself.  Contact us today and ask us about our leaf removal service and let us serve you. You won’t be disappointed in our work.

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