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Mulching Services

Is that mulch in your yard all dried up and looking old? Think it’s time for a fresh new batch of mulch to liven up your exterior? Sounds like it’s time to get with Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping to get your mulch re-done so that it looks beautiful just like when you laid it the first time. Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping has the skills, the know-how and the work ethic to turn your dull looking exterior into a masterpiece. We will work diligently to replace your old mulch with fresh and new mulch that will compliment the exterior of your property and enhance the beauty of your landscape. Why do all that work yourself and spend all that money on buying new mulch and dragging it all home? Have the professionals at Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping do it for you, to save time and the labor of doing it yourself.

At Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping we understand what it truly means to work as a team and work with the customer to give them a service and a product that will keep them coming back time after time. Our mulching service can turn the exterior of any home or business into a beautiful one that is pleasing to the eyes. Our team has highly trained staff members that can lay down the fresh mulch and look amazing with the layout of your exterior. Mulch is not only great for greenery and shrubbery, but it also provides a very pleasing aesthetic that enhances the look and esteem of your property.

Mulching services:

  • Deliver and spread new mulch
  • Edge 3″ around all beds to hold new mulch
  • Weed garden beds prior to laying new mulch if needed


So stop looking at that old mulch that’s been sitting there since last summer. Let our professionals handle the job and bring your yard back to life with our professional mulching service. Not only will you be doing the greenery on your property a favor by giving them new soil and mulch to grow in, you’ll also be doing your neighbors a favor by making your yard a little easier on the eyes.

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