Shrub and Tree Removal

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Shrub and Small Tree Removal

Is your yard looking like it needs a little TLC these days? Do you have all sorts of tree branches, broken tree limbs and dying shrubs adorning your premises? Sounds like you need some serious cleanup from the pros at Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping. We offer top-notch service on tree and shrub removal of all kinds. Whether there’s a tree that fell during a storm or you just need to remove those shrubs that died during the winter, we’re here to help and to provide you with a service that’s not only the best in the business but also the most affordable. We at Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping know what it takes to give great service and we will make sure to get the job done right and to make your property look brand new all over again.

We offer the following removal type services:

  • Small tree removal
  • Tree branch removal and disposal
  • Shrub removal and disposal


Having the professionals at your side will not only make your day go by easier, but also save you from possible straining on your body that is involved in this type of work. Don’t risk straining your back or hurting yourself for a job that may even be too big for you to do alone. Let us handle the job for you. With years of experience, the best tools in the trade and the customer testimonials to back up our reputation, you can rest assured that when you hire Marrocco’s Lawn Care and Landscaping, you’re hiring the best for the job. Give us a call today to discuss what you may need removed from your property. We will show up with a smile, a welcoming demeanor and get the job done right the first time.

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